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See the history of 3D Dot Game Heroes' world in new trailer


Don't get too angry when the discussion about From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes centers around classic Zelda. It's plainly obvious from this new trailer (after the break) that From is not only being totally up front about the game's inspiration, but inviting comparisons. The introductory story sequence, the environments, and even the music strongly recall Nintendo's flagship adventure series. But From has done a great job of making something that doesn't just appeal to our nostalgia -- we're just as excited about this game on its own merits. We're ready to start upgrading our swords to ridiculous extremes.

Not that nostalgia isn't an important part of it! Blogger Maxell011 (via GameSetWatch) pointed out the game's loading screens, which remake famous game boxes in Dot Game Heroes style. That Castlevania (above, with the original box) homage might be enough to sell a few copies.

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