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The Daily Grind: The ones you can't forget

Eliot Lefebvre

Sometimes, you quit a game without really quitting. You cancel your subscription and stop logging in... but you're still checking the official site for news, still talking to friends from the game, still posting on forums. Maybe you're managing to stay totally quiet about it, but you still keep your eyes peeled for news about it, sometimes even saying you're waiting for a specific upgrade or you're just taking a break. But really, you know that you haven't stopped playing for good. You know that it's just a matter of time before you get back into the game all over again, and more than anything you're trying to possibly forestall the inevitable.

What games draw you back over and over? Even if you can resist the siren's call of resubscribing, there are probably games where you still find yourself following the news about -- perhaps looking for a reason to go back, or in some cases because you're so annoyed at the game's ultimate direction that you want to see it crash and burn. So what does it for you? (And if you can resist the call altogether, can you let those of us who can't know the secret?)

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