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ASUS' 12.1-inch Eee PC gets pictured, a little more real

Darren Murph

Not that we've never heard of a 12.1-inch Eee PC before, but given the abundance of 10-inch options currently saturating the market, we'll take all the expansion we can get. Slated to arrive as the largest Eee Seashell member of all time, the 1.4 pound Eee PC 1201HA is now staring at a mid-November release (at least in Italy), and it should bring along a "full-size" keyboard (with a borked Shift key), a 250GB hard drive, Windows 7, a 6-cell battery good for "up to eight hours" under ideal conditions and your choice of four colors: black, red, silver or blue. You'll also find WiFi, a built-in webcam and a price tag of €399 ($596), though only time will tell if it's saddled with a near-ancient Atom N270.

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