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Hi-Rez announces pricing structure for Global Agenda

Shawn Schuster

Good news for you Global Agenda fans out there, as Hi-Rez Studios announced their pricing structure today for the upcoming spy-fi MMO. In a phone call this morning to Executive Producer Todd Harris, we learned that the game will have a few options, depending on your playing style. If you'd like to play Global Agenda as a multi-player, hub-based shooter, all you need to do is buy the box. There will be no subscription fees at all.

If you'd like to take part in large-scale Alliance vs. Alliance battles throughout a persistent world, then the subscription model would be for you. This sub model also opens up other features, like the Auction House, mail system and more. This is what any MMO player would want, while the subscription-free option would cater more towards your average Call of Duty fan. Keep reading after the jump for complete details on Global Agenda's payment model, feature comparison and details and their newest projected launch window.

Global Agenda (one time purchase - $49.99 MSRP) includes:

  • Creation of up to eight different agent characters
  • Character visual customization
  • Access to all combat weapons and devices
  • Cooperative Player vs. Environment missions against the Commonwealth NPC faction, AI-controlled enemies, and Boss Fights
  • Matchmade Player vs. Player missions with five different game types and over 20 unique maps
  • Character progression through 30 levels
  • Achievement and unlocks system for individual characters
  • Player Inventory for suits, flair, dyes, upgrades, and loot
  • Virtual Reality practice fighting area
  • Vendors and accumulation of in-game currency
  • Text chat with multiple channels
  • Built in voice chat during missions
  • Ability to join an established player-created agency
  • All play is on our single-shard, hosted server environment to ensure convenient and consistent gaming experience.
  • Ability to sign up for one free month of subscription at registration (credit card required, can be cancelled at any time)

Global Agenda: Conquest ($12.99 per month, $11.49/mo for 3 month, $9.99/mo for 6 month) includes:

  • Access to Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) World Domination gameplay
  • A massive scale campaign between player created agencies and alliances over scarce territory and resources on a persistent world map.
  • Attack and Defend Territories in zones that match your agency's schedule
  • Agency and Alliance Management – Create and maintain persistent player groups and officer ranks
  • Creation and Upgrading of Facilities - Control production and output
  • Base Raids – involving up to 60 players per side; coordinated between 6 different strike teams within linked territory instances
  • Agency Achievement System, Leveling, and Recognition
  • Auction House with bidding and buyouts
  • Mail System
  • Upgrade Text and Voice chat to support multiple channels and strike teams
  • Player Crafting with blueprints
  • Additional character customization options including elite character suits, dye colors, and seasonal flair
  • Ongoing Co-Op content at max character level
  • Ongoing AvA content, multiplayer PvP content, and new social areas

Global Agenda is currently in closed beta testing and scheduled to be development complete by the end of this year toward a Q1 2010 release.

As you may have noticed, it says that you can play "through 30 levels" on the free side. We asked Todd specifically about this and he reassured us that the max level of 30 (which has not been announced prior to this) is in effect for both the free side and the sub side. In fact, they made sure not to hinder essential gameplay mechanics on the free side, and this is just an example of that.

Some of our other concerns focused on the balance between sub and non-sub players. Yes, a non-sub player can join an agency with subbed players, with the option at any time to sub-up to join their friends in battle. Yes, subbed players can join their non-sub friends at any time in the instanced battles.

So there you have it. With so many concerns from the rumor mill about Global Agenda actually being defined as an MMO, we can see that Hi-Rez has addressed that concern and utilized it in their payment model. With the newly-updated release date of Q1 2010, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop for any new information on Global Agenda's progress.

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