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Final Fantasy XI expands wedding services

Eliot Lefebvre

Weddings in MMOs are sort of an odd beast at best, but the setting and atmosphere found in Final Fantasy XI suited the feature even way back when it was first introduced. Unfortunately, actually going through the process in-game has always been something of a hassle, what with the additional fees, the scheduling problems, a convoluted registration feature and so forth. Considering your only reward was usually an in-game wedding ring, it didn't light many people on fire. However, even though the game is entering its twilight years (or possibly because of that), Square-Enix is rolling out a new and more straightforward system to make marriage less of an issue -- in-game, at least.

Rather than having an ornate application to fill out, the game will be instituting a page in which you can simply schedule a time, date, and place. The nation's wedding masters will be added in as NPCs, allowing you to talk with them at any time to retrieve a certificate as a house furnishing once you've gotten married. In addition to all of this, you'll no longer have to jump through hoops for most of the wedding items (presumably including the game's tuxedo and wedding dress), as they'll be purchasable by anyone who requires them. If you prefer having a more ornate wedding, however, there's an optional Player Event system in place allowing you to expand beyond the confines of the existing system. It's not exactly a Vana'dielian Vegas, but Final Fantasy XI's updates to the system should at least make it a bit easier to tie the knot.

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