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Image credit: spotlights upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 sim missions, Psylocke

In a recent blog post, spotlights upcoming downloadable content for the superhero action title Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which will add simulation missions and the previously Wii- and PS2-exclusive character Psylocke to the game. According to Marvel Games Intern Randy Ma, the katana-wielding "ninja babe" -- his awkward words, not ours -- is a welcome addition to the HD version of the game, giving Jean Grey's mind powers "a run for her money."

In the spotlight, Marvel also reveals tidbits of information for two of the game's upcoming simulation missions. Insidious Alliance pits players against some of the universe's toughest bosses in an arena-style match and adds an achievement/trophy for defeating the mission without using any health canisters, perfect for gaming masochists. According to scenario designer Mark Webster, the mission Balance is an homage to classic 2.5D brawlers like (get this!) the original X-Men arcade titles. More DLC news is expected in the coming weeks.

[Update: Corrected quote attribution]

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