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Painkiller: Resurrection demo raises the stakes

We've heard literally nothing from JoWood Interactive's reboot of the purgatorial stake-gun shooter, Painkiller: Resurrection, since it was first announced back in April. Therefore, we see this news post as providing two important pieces of information, the first being that the game apparently hasn't been canceled. This is evidenced by the second fact: A single-player demo for the title is now available to download.

With our thrilling, fast-paced lives as internet journalistas, we don't have the time to download the 1.3GB demo, burn the .iso file onto a DVD, then play the thing. We're hoping you can do those things for us, then relate to us the important bits. Like, for instance, the status of the lightning/shuriken gun. If it's absent, you better believe we're starting a petition.

Download: Painkiller: Resurrection demo (1.3GB)

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