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Spare some coin, get Assassin's Creed for $5 on Steam 'til Thursday


How does it feel to have your wicked nature unfurled for all to see? Please, before you head off to the Steam website and take advantage of a temporary, 75 percent discount off Ubisoft's open-world bump-off sim, spare a moment's thought -- and some coin -- for those less fortunate than you.

Before you purchase Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (now with more missions, etc.!), why not stop by that poor chap on the street corner and send $5 his way? Think of it not only as a magnanimous gesture, but as an act of contrition -- because you just paid the same amount to repeatedly stab people like him as they constantly harass you because you're just trying to follow this guy and you don't have any money anyway and why won't they just stop bothering you man this is so annoying no means no don't you get it.

[Thanks, Astroblack]

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