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WoW Moviewatch: Abandonation vs Nation


I think Abandonation vs Nation is a particularly interesting video in the belf rap genre. While it's a parody based on Cassidy's Problem vs the Hustla. MPthreez, it still has enough WoW-unique nuances that the video sets itself apart from your usual belf video.

What I really noticed about the language and lyrics is the characterization of Abandonation. Several times, Abandonation denigrates his opponent for being a healer. "You call yourself a beast but you really play a priest," he says in the first verse, following up with "you don't do nothin but heal heroics and think you're leet bro" in his final verse. It could be argued that Abandonation is characterizing a PvP player's mindset against a PvE player, since he uses the language "carebear" to attack Nation.

Nation's response to Abandonation is typical of the complaints we see about rogues. "You ain't nothin without stuns so stop actin tough," Nation says. Interestingly, Nation also calls out Abandonation for his gear, mocking him for wearing Season 2 armor despite it now being Season 7. I thought that was especially interesting, since Abanadonation's gear in his music videos is a characterization -- I had never taken it to be a literal set of gear, but just a visual stand in.

Okay, so maybe I'm reading way, way too much into this music video. Ultimately, it's an impressive display of skills from both Abandonation and Nation. It's probably my favorite belf rap piece, and it sets the bar for the genre a little higher.
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