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Breakfast Topic: Freestyle specs

Matthew Rossi

Lately, I've found myself messing around with alternative strategies, ways of doing things I wouldn't have tried before. One of them is Titan's Grip-less fury. Since I have so many warriors, I can devote a respec to a pet theory or a strange idea (like, say, building a leveling spec around self healing) and so, kitting out my tauren with a fist weapon and a tanking offhand (I don't have two DPS weapons for him) and seeing how it works in instances is one way to play around with the class. Gotta do something to keep the mold off the ol' cow.

I have characters I need to keep min-maxed (my alliance raiding toons, who generally have specs/builds that hew fairly closely to what might be called cookie-cutter) so having toons where I can play around and see for myself are fun. So far, the TG-less fury build isn't exactly rocking the world, but I'm going to stick with it until I can get an offhand that suits the spec for a more fair comparison. I'm not expecting it to end up replacing TG, I just want to do some tests to see for myself.

One of the reasons I bring this up is, a lot of the time we find ourselves looking for the way everyone else is using. And I'm not discouraging that: there are cookie cutter builds for a reason. Especially if you're in a position where people are counting on you to perform your job at the absolute peak you often don't have the luxury to spec in a way that's fun for you personally.

But some players seek the personalized build over the theorycrafted ones, and some others are lunatics who play way too many warriors (or paladins, DK's, I know a player with four max level druids so he can have one of each spec ready to go at a moment's notice, no respec fees or dual spec) and have the room to take one of our alts any way we want.

So now I turn to you: do you ever just throw caution to the winds and pick up that weird spec?

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