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EVE pirate corp Hellcats running player event, Saturday Oct 24

James Egan

Hellcats is well known to many EVE Online players as the game's only all-women pirate corp. They're holding an in-game event this Saturday, October 24th -- The Hellcats Pub Party -- which sounds like it'll be a good time for all. Hellcats CEO and EVE underworld celebrity Mynxee had this to say about the event: "This party is intended to express our appreciation of fans and friends plus give folks the chance to hang out, share stories, wave e-peens, and get to know each other. I promise to drink much wine and act outrageous while giving away all sorts of goodies."

Those "goodies" will include pirate faction cruisers, pirate faction and officer modules, rigged ships, forum sigs and blog banner art, and InterStellar Kredit giveaways in 50 and 100 million ISK chunks. (Plus, Hellcats corpses... don't ask.) If any EVE players have donations they'd like to add to the prize drawings, you can contract them in-game to Mynxee with the description "Hellcats Pub Party Donation". She'll credit all donors for their contributions during the giveaways.

Split Infinity Radio will be streaming music for the party via EVE players Luminus Aardokay and Quivering Palm from The Planet Risk Show. They took part in a Celebrity Deathmatch with Mynxee and Nashh Kadavr from The Bastards and will release that video footage (with commentary) and a post-match interview during the Hellcats Pub Party as well. For the more creative, or deviant, there's also a Pirate Limerick Contest -- details of which can be found in Mynxee's latest blog post.

  • So when is it? Oct. 24, from 20:00 to 00:00 EVE Time.
  • How do I take part? Join the in-game channel "Hellcats Pub" and you're there. Mynxee will be in the Evati solar system and hinted she might undock for some frigate 1v1's as well.

For more details see Mynxee's update on the Hellcats Pub Party and the event announcement on the official EVE forums.

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