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Fallen Earth patch 1.1.0 live

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last week we told you about Fallen Earth's upcoming patch planned for this week. The patch went live yesterday, and didn't disappoint. While the main feature discussed in advance was the optional expanded tutorial, Icarus Studios wasn't even close to finished. The patch notes were given in the forums on the official site just before, in a post that was the definition of "wall of text". The full list can be seen on the site, but here is a (very) brief overview of what was done.

  • The largest part of this update by far was made up of the many, many bug fixes and polishing throughout the game. Things like battle music, drops from foes that don't quite make sense, NPCs standing in the background swinging a hammer at...nothing, and sounds made when someone sits or stands aren't necessarily game breaking, but those small touches add up to make the game.
  • You'll find new LifeNet facilities, garages, and merchants in every sector, as well as updates and small changes to quests and events.
  • Changes were made to chat -- most significantly that only players below level five are automatically added to the help channel. Higher level players may still access it, but will have to manually add themselves.

Check out the full notes for all the details, and our congratulations and thanks to the Fallen Earth team for the huge amount of work that went into this update.

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