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Ignition now publishing Arc Rise Fantasia


Ignition Entertainment has somehow done it again: snagged a Marvelous game out of XSEED's announced lineup. Arc Rise Fantasia, which XSEED announced plans to localize in late 2008, and which was still in XSEED's slate as of E3, has been picked up by Ignition Entertainment for release in summer 2010. The turn-based RPG is developed by Sands of Destruction's imageepoch. New screens (in our gallery) accompany the announcement.

When Ignition picked up another previously-announced XSEED Wii title, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, XSEED told Joystiq that Marvelous was taking proposals from publishers and made the final decision to go with Ignition well after XSEED began promoting the title. At the time, we thought that was an anomaly.

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