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Latest antenna selector is pretty slick, knows nothing about DVRs

Ben Drawbaugh

We really love us some free over-the-air HD, in fact even when we do subscribe to cable or satellite, we still prefer to use an antenna for the locals because the picture quality tends to be better. At the same time we understand that antennas aren't for everyone, but we still continue to help everyone else find the best antenna for their location. This latest site is really little more than a cool Google Maps mashup like others we have seen before, but from an online antenna retailer. We really liked how it automatically determined our location -- somehow -- and it makes it easy to see where the towers are in your area. What we didn't like was that it suggested a rotator, which is just silly in the days of DVRs -- seriously, like a DVR would be able to turn the antenna to record your favorite show? Just for starters we don't even use a rotator and get every station without issue, but even if we did need one, we'd recommend you go with two antennas and a Jointenna instead. Yeah, it costs a little more, but works perfectly with DVRs, even when they have the ability to record from more than one channel at a time.

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