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The best HD sports on TV this week

Ben Drawbaugh

It is very fitting that on a week with not many great football matchups, that the NBA would be kicking off the regular season. It isn't that we're big basketball fans, it is just that we wanted to put up a baseball image and all the ones we could find were boring -- just like the sport itself. But we would like to recognize that for big sports fans, this is the very best time of the year. The time of year when all four of the big sports in the US are all on at the same time. Of course this only lasts for about two weeks because baseball season just can't ever end, but if you can't get enough HD sports, enjoy the following weeks while you can.

  • Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers Fox 1:00 PM Sun
  • New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins Fox 4:15 PM Sun
  • Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants NBC 8:20 PM Sun
  • #8 TCU at #16 BYU Versus 7:30 PM Sat
  • #13 Penn State at Michigan ABC/ESPN 3:30 PM Sat
  • ALCS: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels 7:57 PM Thurs Fox Sat, maybe Sun
  • World Series Philadelphia Phillies at AL winner tentatively starts October 28th
  • Minnesota Wild at Chicago Blackhawks Versus 8:30 PM Mon
  • Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals Versus 7:00 PM Tues
  • Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers TNT 7:30 PM Tues
  • Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets ESPN 10:30 PM Wed

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