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Turbine begins LotRO Lottery on my.lotro

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Turbine is encouraging North American Lord of the Rings Online players to give my.lotro a try if they haven't yet, by offering some in-game rewards in the form of a lottery. Players just need to log in to my.lotro to see what drawings they are eligible for, enter, then check back after the drawing to see if they won.

The lottery system is character based, which opens the door for more personalized prizes. While we all love in-game cash and items, things specific to your character are even more fun -- some lottery drawings will give "specific rewards based on a character's class, race, level, etc.," so take that into account when you choose which of your characters to enter with.

Because my.lotro is currently in beta and Turbine is anxious for players to test it out and give feedback, the current lottery system is a daily event through the end of the month, and winners will receive a level-appropriate amount of silver and two bundles of fireworks delivered via in-game mail. Good luck to all who enter!

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