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iPhone beats Wii, DS, PSP: 'fastest hardware growth in consumer tech history'

If you wonder why analysts love the iPhone, wonder no longer! Those rascally number crunchers just love to make bold proclamations and Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch ecosystem allow them to do just that. Let's start with Mary Meeker, internet analyst at Morgan Stanley, who told the Web 2.0 Summit crowd yesterday that the iPhone and iPod Touch (which share a common software platform) exhibited the "fastest hardware user growth in consumer tech history"! Don't believe her? Check out that chart. Those numbers even make the DS look pedestrian.

Couple Meeker's research with DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole's assertion that the iPhone and iPod Touch devices will be the "primary drivers of mobile game market sales over the coming years" and you've got what those of us in the biz call "consensus."

Still think it's not a real gaming platform?

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