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LittleBigWorkshop reveals a handful of LBP PSP costumes

Though LittleBigPlanet's customizable protagonist, Sackboy, may have lost a bit of his highfalutin' texture rendering in the jump over to the PSP, he's managed to retain all of his original adorability factor. This unbridled cuteness can be seen in a recent LittleBigWorkshop blog post, which includes a batch of images previewing a few of Mr. Sack's new garments.

The most intriguing of these duds are referenced in a section of the post discussing "preorder incentives and upcoming DLC packs" -- a moon buggy and a tank, seen above. We imagine these are just articles of clothing and not actual vehicles (a "moon buggy belt", if you will), but if you think that makes us less interested in them, then you must not know us very well.

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