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Slacker phases out hardware business, focuses on other devices


It's not exactly a huge surprise considering we haven't even heard so much as a whisper about a new Slacker device as of late, but it looks like company president Jim Cady has now finally confirmed that Slacker will indeed be phasing out its hardware business altogether. At the moment, that business consists entirely of the Slacker G2 personal radio, which will still be available "though at least the first half of next year," and offers a number advantages over the Slacker app for other devices. Those apps (and Slacker's online music service) will be the company's sole focus from here on out, however, so we'll no doubt see some expanded functionality sooner or later -- especially considering that Slacker has apparently raised a "few more million" dollars in funding on the basis of its new mobile strategy.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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