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Konami extremely confident in PES 2010, ships 3 million to Europe


Look, we know you Europeans love your soccer football, but is reporting that Konami has shipped three million copies of PES 2010 to the region today. Three million -- that's like Halo 3 numbers, people!

While we're willing to bet you Euros are chomping at the bit for more pitch play, we're curious if PES 2010 needs such a hefty initial shipment -- especially since FIFA 10 has been out and selling really well. Have footy fans had their needs fulfilled? Apparently not, since Konami expects the game to "become a million-selling title at launch."

"Global sales for the PES series to date are over 55.5 million, and we expect a very strong performance from what is easily the best PES in a long, long time," says Martin Schneider, Konami's European marketing director. He credits the rise in quality and buzz to the latest iteration to the fans, whom he expects to stick around as Konami starts charging toward DLC for the game.

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