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Sony's S-Frame DPP-F700 digiframe / printer hybrid hitting America in January for $200

Darren Murph

Need a digital photo frame? Need a printer? Need them to happen within the same enclosure? If you're one of the oddballs who curiously answered yes -- and you don't actually need it until after the holiday shopping season -- Sony's got you covered. The DPP-F700 digital picture frame with one-touch printing that we saw pop up internationally just last month has finally been blessed with a US ship date and price, and if you've paid any attention whatsoever to the headline, you're probably well aware of what those two data points are. The frame itself will boast a 7-inch display (800 x 480 resolution), 1GB of memory, a multicard reader and will print out "professional quality" 4- x 6-inch photos at 300 x 300 dpi. There's also a nifty "screen capture" mode that prints out exactly what's displayed during a slide show, though there's literally no telling how pricey those refills will be.

[Via Slashgear]

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