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Blu-ray releases on October 27th 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

So the biggest movie of the year has come to Blu-ray and is behind us, but there are plenty of hot new releases left on the docket this year -- just not this week. This week we are planning on getting a couple of movies for our kids as well as checking out the latest Battlestar Galactica movie, The Plan. Other than that we're looking forward to checking out Larry David in a Woody Allen movie, we mean how could that not be funny?

  • Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (Universal)
  • Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Fox)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (Walt Disney)
  • Night of the Creeps (Sony)
  • Whatever Works (Sony)
  • Orphan (Warner)
  • Nothing Like The Holidays (Anchor Bay)
  • Stan Helsing (Anchor Bay)
  • Beast Stalker (Tai Seng)
  • Expedition: Africa (A&E)
  • The Prisoner (A&E)
  • Il Divo (MPI)
  • The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue (Blue Underground)
  • Look For A Star (Tai Seng)
  • Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (Cinevolve)
  • Monty Python: Almost The Truth - The Lawyer's Cut (Vivendi)
  • Stargate: 15th Anniversary Edition (Lionsgate)

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