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Fat Princess: New Pork map coming Oct. 29 for free


"Oh man, I can't wait for the New Pork map for Fat Princess. It'll probably cost money and not come out until next year." Well, fictional person made up for this blog post, you are wrong! New Pork, a brand new map revealed during PAX, will be available to all players this Thursday, 10/29, as part of the upcoming 1.03 patch. In addition to the new map, the patch tweaks a number of issues and even introduces two new control methods. "Two new control schemes have been implemented to allow players to use the R1 button to attack and to free the player's right hand for target switching. This is AWESOME," says the PlayStation Blog.

Additionally, the no-blood mode now features candy confetti -- a delicious way to kill opponents and make your parents happy. If that's not reason enough to log back on, we don't know what is.

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