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Insomniac Games took negative Resistance 2 fan feedback to heart

In a display of candor we rarely see from video game industry figures, Insomniac Games community manager James Stevenson recently poured his heart out in a interview. He admitted that although Resistance 2 garnered fairly good reviews, negative feedback from devoted fans of the series' first installment "weighed" on him. He went on to add, "the hardcore fans of Resistance 1 were maybe a little bit disappointed. Those folks consistently expressing that - especially GAF - it was like your dog turned on you."

Stevenson continued the analogy, stating, "you had this dog that loved you. You loved the dog, too, but they expressed all this affection for you. And then suddenly the dog bites your hand and it's that feeling of, ooh, ow, that really hurts." We can only guess how disappointing negative fan feedback must be for a developer -- however, couldn't this be seen as your dog telling you they're disappointed, and suggesting ways to do better in the future? Oh, like that adorable, illustrated anti-drug dog! We love that little guy.

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