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Rumor: Animator resume lists work on 'GoldenEye 2010'


It'll probably look a bit better than this
Shortly before being pulled from the internet's intimidating view, an animator's online resume may have let out a secret -- concerning an iconic secret agent. According to the eagle-eyed Superannuation, Craig Peck listed work on a game dubbed "GoldenEye 2010 (Wii)," created in association with British developer Eurocom.

Eurocom previously worked on the PlayStation 2 version of Activision's Quantum of Solace tie-in. Assuming "GoldenEye 2010" isn't merely a nostalgic codename, it seems the publisher could be looking to a well-regarded classic for inspiration on a new James Bond game. Alas, Hollywood can't keep up with Activision's annual aspirations.

The publisher won't divulge any of its plans this early, leaving us to wait for further information or for our time-traveling correspondent to confirm the game's existence. He's really more of a GoldenEye 2020 fan -- looking back, that really was the best of the remakes.

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