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Crave bringing Man vs. Wild, new Deadliest Catch to consoles

Justin McElroy

It's not quite as titularly perplexing as the continuation of the Final Fantasy series, but we do have to wonder about Crave's decision to bring another game based on crab fishing show Deadliest Catch to market. If we've already reeled in the catch that's most deadly, what's the allure of returning to the water? Our hope is that an undiscovered species of crab with the faces of adorable babies will be at the center of An Equally Deadly But More Morally Taxing Catch in the spring of 2010 on Wii, PS3 and DS.

What makes much more sense is Crave's announcement that it will also be releasing a game based on the awesome Man vs. Wild to the 360, PS3, DS and Wii in the same time frame. A game based on a survivalist's battles with nature could make a really fresh take on the action adventure genre, but this is Crave we're talking about, so count on a series of minigames in which host Bear Grylls eats increasingly obscure and difficult to chew organs from a deer carcass.

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