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DJ Hero now rolling out around the world, around the world


It's been a long haul since it was first announced way back in May, but Activision's DJ Hero is now finally available in North America, and will be making the trip across the pond on October 30th. That includes both the standard $120 version, and the "premium" Renegade Edition, which runs a full $200 and includes an upgraded turntable, a hardshell carrying case that converts to a DJ stand, and a Jay-Z and Eminem two-CD set -- and the game, of course. Anyone have any brief first impressions? Let us know in comments.

Update: Looks like Eminem is doing more than just slapping his name on the Renegade Edition. Check out the video after the break in which he sits down to talk about the game and issues a challenge to none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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