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God of War Collection coming in November, with two Platinum trophies


Did you know that the God of War Collection features two God of War games: God of War and God of War II? Oh, you could tell from the box art? Well, did you know that the God of War Collection puts both God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray disc, remastered in 720p HD for PS3? Oh, so you've been following this game, huh?

While everything about the aptly titled re-release has been unsurprising thus far, we were caught off-guard by this tidbit revealed by the The Kratos Kompilation has not one but two Platinum Trophies, one for each title. Trophy hunters need not worry about the difficulty of nabbing both Platinums: neither will require playing the game on the hardest difficulty. In fact, "Getting My Ass Kicked" encourages dying enough times to unlock Easy Mode.

The God of War Collection will ship to retailers on November 17th. Well, unless you live in Europe ...

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