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Halo: Evolutions book cover, authors revealed


It's been a while since the Halo: Evolutions story collection was announced. Now, just a month away from its November 24 launch, Tor Books has revealed both the book's cover art and all of the authors who will contribute to the compilation. Contributing to the book will be John Goff, Frank O'Connor and Kevin Grace of 343 Industries, as well as authors B.K Evenson, Jeff Vandermeer, Tessa Kum and Fred Van Lente. As previously announced, Eric Nylund, Tobias Buckell and Karen Traviss will also be penning stories for the book.

Tor editor Eric Raab promises the collection will appeal to "every kind of Halo fan from straight up action with the Master Chief to glimpse [sic] into the Elite mindset post Halo 3" and will also delve into characters like Cortana, the Gravemind and Admiral Cole. One thing's for sure: If you like teabagging and reading, this book is for you.

Click the book cover to the right to check out a Spartan-sized version.

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