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Majesco publishing DSi augmented reality game 'Ghostwire' in late 2010


Ghostwire, A Different Game's DSi-only title that uses the camera to fill players' real surroundings with virtual ghosts, looked quite promising when it was unveiled. The only problem: without a publisher, it was nothing but an apparition of a game. Today, Majesco announced that it is publishing the augmented reality title (which was originally intended for Nokia phones) with a projected late 2010 release date, under the title Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal.

Using the mic and camera on the DSi, as well as in-game tools like the "EMF tuner," players search around them for hidden ghosts, and then attempt to give them peace by solving puzzles. Some ghosts will require items before they appear and interact with you, and some will apparently be malevolent and less receptive to your efforts. At which point, we assume, you have to solve their problems despite their lack of help, instead of just leaving them to go about their ghostly business.

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