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Alganon decides to wait a month

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you excited about Alganon? Excited enough, perhaps, that you might have chosen to take a couple days off from work in anticipation of its scheduled launch on October 31st? If so, we've got some kind of bad news for you. It's not coming out then after all. As a matter of fact, it isn't going to release until December 1st, according to community manager Tork at the official site.

What's the reason for the delay? The official post is shy of concrete reasons, but it mentions that the decision was reached in order to test on a larger scale as well as refine the game further. It also mentions that they're looking forward to running more contests and improving their visibility -- both excellent aims. Community response has been surprisingly positive and moderate, which might be a good sign in advance. If you are one of the people who pre-ordered, however, the announcement isn't just bad news -- everyone who pre-ordered the game by October 31st will get a free month in compensation. Actually playing Alganon will have to wait for a little while, but an extra month certainly helps take the edge off.

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