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Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered nears 20K sold; Revolution expects 100K lifetime sales


The modern jazzification (totally not a made-up word) of retro adventure title Beneath a Steel Sky has been a fairly lucrative move on Revolution Software's part, as managing director Charles Cecil says (via iPhone remake Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered is on track to sell 20,000 copies in its first month -- and that's not including the first week of the month, as it wasn't available in the App store until October 8.

But it's just a stepping stone to greater financial success, Cecil says. He anticipates the game will sell around 70,000 copies in its first year of release, eventually peaking at 100,000 copies sold in its lifetime. Cecil credits the Apple model (cheap, easy to use and easier to purchase content than it is to pirate) and Revolution's ability to exploit its own games "in a way that you could never do at a mainstream publisher." He also says that daily sacrifices to the almighty Lord Kromdor certainly didn't hurt.*

*Yes, we made up that last one, silly. Revolution worships Cthulhu, duh!

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