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Brutal Legend soapbox bus rocks the Red Bull derby


Above, driver Sean Feeley gets big air; not pictured: the Hextadon he jumped over.

If you've been lacking in the keeping up with awesome stuff department, then you may not know the annual Red Bull Soap Box Derby went down in LA recently. This isn't the sorta thing you'd normally find out about on a video game blog, but the winners of said event so happen to be big Brütal Legend fans -- so big, in fact, that their sopabox car is the friggin' Ironheade tour bus.

Destructoid ihas posted a photoblog documenting the creation of this wonderful piece of brand synergy, complete with pictures of game creator Tim Schafer behind the wheel. Surprisingly, not a single bit of goat's blood or any incantations were used to create the thing -- the soapbox bus is mostly made of steel, fiberglass, foam, and sweat. The sweat gives it a good shine and makes the body more aerodynamic -- for those nasty curves, you know.

The effort to build the bus paid off, too, as its creators, Team Ironheade, totally drove away victorious. Head past the break to see some coverage of the event from G4.

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