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Datel working on 'remedy' for its unauthorized Xbox 360 memory units


There was something of an outcry in the Xbox community when Microsoft announced that the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard Update would disable "unauthorized" memory units. Datel, a manufacturer of such devices, recently expressed its disappointment following the announcement. Fortunately, it looks like it takes more than that to keep a good company down, as reports that Datel intends to release a solution to the problem.

In a letter to retailers, Datel stated it was "aware of the changes that are required to remedy this problem and will shortly release a solution in readiness for this potential update." Naturally, the company didn't elaborate on the necessary changes. Datel also didn't supply a precise release date for the updated memory units, saying only that they would be available "shortly." Still, it's good news for folks that want more memory for less-than-exorbitant prices.

[Via Engadget]

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