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Eliza Dushku starts playing WoW

Zach Yonzon

Alright, so maybe she's only picked it up after almost five years of the game being out, but it looks like actress Eliza Dushku has started to play World of Warcraft. The actress, who broke into the nerd radar when she played a renegade Slayer in Joss Whedon's Buffy, tweeted yesterday asking her followers whether she should roll Alliance or Horde. The tweet made a small ripple across the nerdverse. The Dollhouse star, whose new show is getting pummeled in the ratings, received a number of responses on Twitter, most of them telling her to roll a Horde Blood Elf. We certainly hope she bucks the trend, though...

Dear Eliza,

Please roll a female Tauren Druid



Dushku isn't the first actress or celebrity to publicly reveal a geeky side, and certainly not the first, uh, cryogenically-challenged female to play the game. There's Mila Kunis from That 70's Show, Guild creator and star Felicia Day, or even gaming event staple Kat Hunter, so the actress' firing up WoW probably isn't that big a deal. I mean, it's really okay to be geeky. There's nothing to it. Even girls play video games. It's also stipulated in the nerd handbook that we should play them in our underwear. The Chewbacca one.

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