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Flying Lab offers 6 months of Pirates of the Burning Sea to military personnel

James Egan

Flying Lab Software announced this week that they're offering six months of free Pirates of the Burning Sea gameplay to military personnel and exclusive in-game items. In addition, the promotion waives the standard $19.99 purchase cost of the game. Sign-ups for the promotion require a military email address to qualify and will last through November 30, 2009. The promotion is open to all branches of the military. Current Pirates of the Burning Sea subscribers who are in active service are also eligible to get six months of free play time.

Flying Lab Software CEO Russell Williams issued a statement about the Care Package, which was originally proposed by community members on the game's forums. Williams wrote: "One of our players posted about serving in Afghanistan, and it got us thinking about the challenges of trying to play an MMO in an unpredictable situation like active service. We feel a special gratitude towards the members of the armed forces who take the time to get involved and play our game, in the face of the very difficult job they have to do to keep us all safe."

[Via Gamers Daily News]

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