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Molyneux: Milo will boast collective object recognition, accept half-eaten fruit


From a four-by-four pixel face, to a loyal pooch, to an inquisitive youth -- that's the path Peter Molyneux has taken in his quest to find life within technology. "Right, can we dare to create a character which anybody interacting with that character would truly believe was alive?" the renowned designer recently asked attendees of the annual BAFTA Video Game Lecture (transcribed by The Guardian).

Harnessing the motion-sensitive camera in Microsoft's Project Natal, Molyneux hopes to breathe that life into a young boy -- or girl! -- named Milo (or Millie!). While he admits that much of it is "smoke and mirrors and tricks," he provided some interesting insight into the technology put to use behind the scenes. It seems Milo won't just recognize you (his imaginary, otherworldly friend), but everyday objects as well. "Firstly the process of scanning is really lovely, you just reach your arm up, you can also scan in three dimensional objects, for example if you are eating an apple you can give that apple to Milo and he will carry on eating the apple," the Lionhead lead explained. But will Milo scan candy held aloft by strangers?

"Or the other thing that is amazing about this technology and this is the online portion of inspiration, we are collecting continuing to collect and improve his object recognition skills." If his plans come to fruition, Molyneux envisions "all the Milos that will be released" feeding their observations into a centralized recognition of "everything in the world."

To Skynet alarmists: Have you seen this boy?

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