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Of Wolf and Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica on iPhone


Tapulous, a company specializing in games for the iPhone, has added another to its ranks: Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica. The game is available right now in the App Store and fuses the band with the established Tap Tap Revenge experience, allowing gamers to poke their iPhone through some of the band's most famous ditties such as "One" and "Enter Sandman" -- with ten total tracks available.

The new edition also sports some added functionality over its regular ol' boring Tap Tap Revenge counterparts: Aside from the usual career mode, there's now a more fast-paced arcade mode where players are "challenged with bombs and other special objects" and a new Bluetooth battle mode that lets players challenge others -- granted you're within the appropriate distance of each other -- to see who's the better iPhone-screen-poker.

For those diehard Metallica fans who aren't satisfied with an entire game themed around the band, the title also has other features that allow one to stalk be more in tune (sorry!) with the band's current activities -- including a news ticker and a live message board.

Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica ($4.99) Metallica Revenge

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