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PSA: Xbox mandatory update isn't 'The Big One,' adds WPA2 support for wireless adapter


Those of you who woke up extra early this morning to get in precious alone time with your Xbox 360 (we understand – we do it all the time) may have been tricked when a mandatory system update greeted you in place of the dashboard. Alas, the much ballyhoo'd Facebook/Twitter/ update has not yet arrived, as Microsoft's Major Nelson points out on his site.

Instead, the update brings with it support for the now five-year-old WPA2 security protocol. With that new and improved 802.11n wireless adapter hitting retailers next month, and with WPA2 certification being mandatory for all new Wi-Fi devices as of March 2006, Microsoft seems to be rolling out that addition in software. That's good news for those of you with a four-year-old Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter!

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