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WoW Moviewatch: Nobody Like You Halloween Special


It is the season for Halloween goodness, and Ninth Batter delivers an excellent addition to his Nobody Like You series with the new Nobody Like You Halloween Special. In this episode, Nobody and Arthas take the time to deliver some helpful (and hilarious) Halloween tips. I don't know what it is about Arthas as a character, but I love watching Ninth Batter put the Lich King through his paces.

The video runs about five minutes long. The Halloween Special portion is only a couple minutes of the video. It's still got the same satirical humor as previous episodes. My favorite part, though, comes during the closing credits. Arthas sings again, and it is fantastic. I can easily see how that's become the mainstay credits gag for Nobody Like You, since it's probably going to be a crowd pleaser every time.

There's also a closing message about Azeroth United's Hearts, Hands, and Voices project. It's a worthy cause, and Ninth definitely gives it a good send up.

Ultimately, Ninth Batter managed to do a lot with this video. His flair for handling multiple subjects and directions in a single video should be commended.

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