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Marvel dates, prices upcoming Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC


Marvel has finally confirmed the price and release date for the first batch of DLC for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. The pack will debut on November 5 for $9.99 on the PSN and 800 ($10) on Xbox 360. Included in the pack will be new simulator missions, boosts and, most important of all, three new characters. Namely, players will be able to get their hot little hands on Carnage, Psylocke and Cable.

In addition to the DLC pack, Juggernaut will also be released as a downloadable character. Originally, he was available only as a pre-order bonus but, starting November 5, anyone will be able to tell Charles to get out of their head for the price of $1.99 on PSN and 160 ($2) on Xbox 360.

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