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New in-game ads speeding towards WipEout HD


WipEout HD (and Fury) will be receiving a 2.10 patch soon. In addition to "small improvements to front-end functionality" and some minor fixes, the 2.10 patch will change the way in-game advertisements are displayed. You'll recall, Sony was largely criticized for the game's State Farm ads which increased load times – a "no no" for the in-game ad model. SCEE marketing executive Mikel Arrien says they've learned from the controversy: "We have therefore focused on ensuring that the advertising is embedded as sympathetically to the overall experience as possible."

That doesn't mean ads have been completely removed from the picture with 2.10! In fact, more advertising is about to hit the game -- at least in European territories. "WipEout and in-game advertising and sponsorship have gone hand-in-hand since 1996, when a now famous energy drink appeared in the seminal Wipeout 2097 and over the years many brands and products have been associated with the series," Arrien said, trying to explain why the WipEout HD platform seems so ripe for commercialization.

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