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Nyko Zoom Case for DSi unleashed upon the world


Click for 2x ZOOM!
The last of Nyko's Big Three from E3 has hit the marketplace, and it's a doozy. The "Zoom Case" is, uh, well, it's a protective case for the DSi with, yep -- that's a gigantic camera lens attached to it. And would you look at that? Nyko saved up enough for a real-life model. She really helps to sell the image of a social networking enthusiast. Don't you think?

No, seriously, the Zoom Case "improves upon one of the landmark features of the DSi, enabling gamers to take higher quality images, which is perfect for the growing suite of social networking capabilities available on the platform," says Nyko marketing director Chris Arbogast.

Ohhh ... that explains it!

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