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One million heroes fighting crime in Champions Online

Excerpt from a Cryptic Studios staff meeting, Oct. 29, 2009:

"Okay, guys, listen up. I know we were all excited about the promotion we were going to run when the one millionth hero was created within Champions Online. You know, we'd take the lucky crimefighter and base a short series of graphic novels on him or her, ultimately culminating in a three-picture deal with Paramount and keeping the hero's creator -- and as a bonus, our game -- in the pop cultural spotlight? Well, we just heard from moderators that the one millionth hero was named ... Boner Dragon."

"Boner Dragon?"

"Boner Dragon."

"I think we should just do a press release instead. A press release which deftly avoids mentioning the hero's name."

"That is an excellent idea, Jeffrey."

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