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SeaChange shows 108 TB DVR at Cable-Tec

Ben Drawbaugh

More news from the Cable-Tec Expo and this time it's from SeaChange -- although we'd all probably love to have this in our home, the RS-DVR is 108 TB and is designed to service 500 subscribers, while taking up 7 racks of data center space. The system would probably work nicely for operators like Cablevision who plan to replace the DVR sitting under your HDTV with a network based version -- especially since SeaChange claims the total cost of ownership is only $100, which apparently is less than a third what DVRs are currently costing providers. The RS-DVR can record 4,000 SD shows at once, which might just be enough since Hollywood is requiring cable companies to record one copy of each show per customer. It can also serve up content to portable devices while still letting you resume where you left off later on your HDTV. No word if there's been any takers, or even a price though.

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