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Tomena Sanner running to North American WiiWare in Q1


Konami has announced a North American release for its one-button WiiWare action game Tomena Sanner. The mobile port stars a businessman named Hitoshi Susumu who must run to an "ultimate dance party" to get there on time -- and who has the terrible luck to face obstacles like chorus lines, T-Rexes, lizardmen, and Frankenstein's Monsters.

The game uses a single button to control Susumu's jumps, as well as attacks, basketball dunks, and whatever the situation calls for. It's like Canabalt, but with more dancing. All the while, a running commentary on Susumu's progress displays at the top of the screen. It also includes split screen multiplayer for up to four.

Tomena Sanner will be out, unfortunately, in Q1 2010.

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