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Joystiq is undecided about Wal-Mart's Modern Warfare 2 ad


We just can't quite figure out what to make of Wal-Mart's new Modern Warfare 2 ad. Sure, it's kind of funny, featuring two dudes ragging on one another. It gets across the idea that people can buy the game at Wal-Mart really fast, continuing the store's "fastest way to play" campaign. It does not, however, help us decide if Modern Warfare 2 is something we want to play. Granted, the readers and staff of Joystiq already know the answer to that particular quandary.

The company ran similar ads for Madden 09 and Madden 10, which certainly don't need in depth advertising to get people excited. Has Call of Duty reached Madden levels of recognition? Is the name the only marketing it needs at this point? Apparently, Wal-Mart thinks so. See the ad after the break.

[Via Destructoid]

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