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One Shots: One among many

The one thing that really differentiates EVE Online from many other MMOs out there is the depth of control that players have over sectors and all the machinations that go on daily in the universe of New Eden. You never know when friend will become foe; when trusted ally will become ultimate enemy. Today's great EVE Online One Shots was sent in to us by Kel'taith of Eve Defence Force, who tells us of a recent operation he was part of.

Recently Goonswarm and Zenith Affinity, the largest alliance (and their "pet") in EVE invaded my alliance Systematic-Chaos. We have had hostile relations for quite some time so war was a easily foreseeable outcome. Lucky for us we are a well liked alliance and have many allies. This screen-shot was taken in A1-AUH during a operation to rid us of all of Goonswarm and Zenith POSes in one go. The result was a combined fleet of 900 at its height, almost 300 of which were massive capital and super-capital ships. Twenty enemy POSes were killed that night, and many are calling this the largest fleet of capital ships ever seen. You can see my tiny interceptor that was used as the warp in for this fleet of carriers. With cooperation, proper tactics, and loyalty towards allies you can achieve anything in this game.

We love to hear of cool things like this! So if you're part of a battle, please snag some screens and send them our way. Email them to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a description. We'll post them out here for everyone to enjoy -- but we take no responsibility when someone decides to wardec you.

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