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Verizon's Chocolate Touch is a dead ringer for the LG SB210

Chris Ziegler

If you want to know what Verizon's upcoming Chocolate Touch will look like, look no further than this little number, the SB210, that's just been unveiled for LG's domestic South Korean market. Naturally we can expect that the firmware will be a good deal different, but the hardware looks exactly like the spy shots we've seen so far of the next Big Red handset to wear the storied Chocolate brand -- which, it bears repeating, won't be the much hotter BL40. In the SB210's case, the big feature here is an integrated database of 280 golf courses that hooks up with the GPS to offer distance information and lower your handicap (theoretically, anyway). The phone's available now on SKT for 638,000 won -- about $538 -- so we're expecting a much lower subsidized price when this thing comes to Verizon later this week.

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