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A megamix of minimalist game remakes


For the opening of last weekend's GameCity Squared event, design group Alaskan Military School took a bunch of popular games and boiled them down to the bare essence, creating shockingly recognizable 15-pixel animations representing Parappa the Rapper, Street Fighter II, Noby Noby Boy, and more.

This is the most abstract we've ever seen many of these games, but even without the audio, it would be easy to identify the sub-Meggy Jr. interpretations of our favorites. Although we were briefly confused by what we thought was supposed to be Gitaroo-Man -- until we realized it was Gitaroo-Man's "Legendary Theme" being played in Guitar Hero.

Now we can only hope that someone runs with the idea and delivers some playable versions of these games. HD is played out -- we're ready for Sub-Standard Definition.

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